Friday, September 11, 2009








He has a muscular torso
With a thousand erections
Lighting up the night sky
But none sticks up more
Than the twin cocks.

(And yet)
Who would think of going all the way
Downtown to castrate
With two knives ablaze?

A muscular story ends.
He now speaks differently
And cannot look into the void
Without flailing.

[from American Tatts]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

marilce did her time in grains of saturn style haircut

long time no nothing vacuum,
my vines drain fly church see orbit arbitrary fate
leech was no U since lunch was cry
my mind bloated state of uncharitable flies ate mine...

Hearing aid

When I last went to the barber (August?) he suggested I take my hearing aid off because the
vinyl tube into the ear was hard to see and he almost cut it off. So I took it off and stuffed it into my pants pocket. It was not in very far because I was sitting down in the barber chair. When I got home the hearing aid was gone. (Of course) I looked everywhere. (Almost $2000 is a pretty big loss) No luck. Acouple of days later I was talking to Paul Linhares, a neighbor who had lost his cat)
Paul said I had mentioned losing my hearing aid to him when I was there last week. That was a big help because it narrowed the search area down to between the barber shop and Paul's place.
Still no luck. What do I do now?