Friday, November 27, 2009

We Gon Rock


Le 9 immagini pubblicate sino ad oggi su weeimage sono accomunate da due caratteristiche: sono tratte da foto scattate con il cellulare; sono tratte da foto che ritraggono oggetti, luoghi o meccanismi che hanno perduto la propria funzionalità.
Nel dettaglio:
n. 1- ex impianto per la lavorazione dell’acciaio (Museo del Castello - Piombino);
n. 2- ex granaio (strada statale tra San Gimignano e Volterra);
n. 3- ex carcere (San Gimignano);
n. 4- ex orologio da torre del 1500 (studio antiquario - Lucca);
n. 5- ex volo di mosca su vetrina di agenzia immobiliare (Roma);
n. 6- ex teatro (cassonetto posto davanti all’ingresso dell’anfiteatro di Ostia antica);
n. 7- ex giardino (retro officina - San Gimignano);
n. 8- ex parcheggio (sede di nota società convertita all’energia alternativa - Roma);
n .9- ex bombola del gas (litorale - Maccarese).

Monday, November 23, 2009

asemic table with diacritic legs

and put it in a pipkin, when it is cold, take bounded in front of the 'who is that?' demanded than usually hurried in his round of morning calls, sigh escaped him. 'i see,' he said. 'you see what?' is stretched. on entering, the first impression


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Duck The Weaving Hammer

flying cucumbers

the psychotic truth became his pants
i was worried about these things happened lately, noticed though things were late lie.
when becoming the morning fever of trust that possibilities were the happening fact
- it felt sour.

arisen from breathless sleep, I understood recently, I differed from the shame on air as others had mentioned to me too.
i felt a bit tired from breaking my neck on bars at speed from temper beats as they were ages old,
I was supposed on date.

when those creatures I was terrifying had undressed to (wait in fact, as we said: ‘we can’t always say black’) over
suburb the city into the no ledge of history wearing her silk handkerchief for dinner with minutes, splashing.

metaphoric sparking triangles handed him some time to spend, such as science looks and empiric thoughts
were none them couldn’t tell, but read as follows:

(continuation through the book which needs to be read! a release from Caballé Voltage, André Pissoir)

Friday, November 13, 2009


sniff! (as loud as possible)
twitch! (like a silver dollar)
push! (like pizza)
point at a young man’s chest
who is trying to get on the bus
before you get off (as spiritually
aware as it is possible to be
during a summer heat wave
which is so humid
that you feel like
you’re a walking lake of sweat)
and then you take the moon
deep into the night
and you first flatten it out
and then you wrap it around
your torso (like a wounded knee)
then when all the above strategies
have been met
you focus in on your heart
and ask it what to do next
and if you’ve practiced
talking to your heart enough
it will clearly tell you
what’s next
on the chopping block
and your brand new boots
will dance without your feet in them
on your little wife’s head

later some pigeons’ll shit
right into your third eye
as you walk away from the hospital

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Nik


sight is yours


opera then perhaps I ...

deleted my trash -
so i might have lost my bag!

sorry bag, …if you got lost!
i love bags!
especially those that are like none or nuns,

now mex du jerk trendy purse
handle no ties, but bugs that flies too fly files in bags

menda fortunate as she was realized it wasn't about her furry purse
the tide risen fluctuations pondered sideways flangerology decided call her nurse
‘min bio is flowers welk undRessed but reverese fur fun loose’ she said.

now if any may please eitherstand i just was forced to discuss my disgust
hier ist die urne, auch er hatte den endlosen hoden im gesicht... her called by telephone errors

can now be measured over hexer’s topf as he called to use as say.

life deforcement hided hidden jets pants flying dude cancel please
just as these are for fear pleasure loving of natural wind fruit eyes
put the don vague to paper or is now paradoxes diaper

you in taught getting roots appear
at only time not bleed paradoxes

but sight is:

signed by visual


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nawdla Nuce

but we can't always say

we as Bétonized say blushed smiles!
when regrets never catch up we solve poly
then forced via rio to serve colors bleached skies as ejected thunder