Monday, December 21, 2009

i use also as my voice sounds hollow

pass the time, there might be no words to say if...

rain presses my face up the ceiling

{disgusted by my feeling

as I trust below my guts

i fall without missiles

in your arms of love}


sun drowns me in my wall

surrounded as I fall

i call

i am a number in my state

forced to suffer in this hate

but why i dial

i am on trial

on the touch to live

[expired as I‘m tired]

the wheel of luck

those got stuck

in mud of the last thunderstruck

the past again repeats as wheeling

industrials trash in my fridge

as we need to cross the bridge

wooden sign attached to my back as his

i will strike back and turn his neck

it will snap while his zipper opens a crack

chopped i will prefer no meat

even now i can‘t use my feet

i can and will choose not to loose

because this is my presence without booze

i use also as my voice sounds hollow

i will make myself follow what i choose

down comes the certain vitamin

this is when i am in to drop out

as some toy scout i shout

till the sprout is all what i‘m about_