Monday, August 1, 2011

"log / log" _ by M.Giovenale


: any file can be an editor : curves of suggestion : the chief gave us all a bonus track :

: try survive to the meaning : meaning is everywhere : can’t stand it : coal : mine : call : fair : mile : sand : play ply : lily was wet : no worm found : virused yet :


. hostname of banking software. however, the real .

. soft omega. screen running it. this will remain atlas. decided to figure out. even more accurate. envelope. might like pillows.

. pillow back into the buffer. weeks of holy grails. cube message. refuse to complete. trace.

. crash tells the system alias. stack doesn’t mean that much.

. free speech. say blood. the most powerful labs. start a solaris induction. two poles of unrelated masks. you must not let me keep track of it. time is over.


, existence, plus a meaning of one sign, they must –––something,


logout ––– logos


text read @ the Bury Text Festival, 
April 30th, 2011