Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sight is yours


opera then perhaps I ...

deleted my trash -
so i might have lost my bag!

sorry bag, …if you got lost!
i love bags!
especially those that are like none or nuns,

now mex du jerk trendy purse
handle no ties, but bugs that flies too fly files in bags

menda fortunate as she was realized it wasn't about her furry purse
the tide risen fluctuations pondered sideways flangerology decided call her nurse
‘min bio is flowers welk undRessed but reverese fur fun loose’ she said.

now if any may please eitherstand i just was forced to discuss my disgust
hier ist die urne, auch er hatte den endlosen hoden im gesicht... her called by telephone errors

can now be measured over hexer’s topf as he called to use as say.

life deforcement hided hidden jets pants flying dude cancel please
just as these are for fear pleasure loving of natural wind fruit eyes
put the don vague to paper or is now paradoxes diaper

you in taught getting roots appear
at only time not bleed paradoxes

but sight is:

signed by visual