Friday, November 13, 2009


sniff! (as loud as possible)
twitch! (like a silver dollar)
push! (like pizza)
point at a young man’s chest
who is trying to get on the bus
before you get off (as spiritually
aware as it is possible to be
during a summer heat wave
which is so humid
that you feel like
you’re a walking lake of sweat)
and then you take the moon
deep into the night
and you first flatten it out
and then you wrap it around
your torso (like a wounded knee)
then when all the above strategies
have been met
you focus in on your heart
and ask it what to do next
and if you’ve practiced
talking to your heart enough
it will clearly tell you
what’s next
on the chopping block
and your brand new boots
will dance without your feet in them
on your little wife’s head

later some pigeons’ll shit
right into your third eye
as you walk away from the hospital